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Sanitation & Quality


Is a growing fear among men and women who visit salon. In fact, it is safe to assume that more people would make regular visits to salons if sanitation systems were more assuring and utilized in a more routine fashion. At Legacy Nails & Spa we are proud to have stage of the art autoclave systems. This system is commonly found in hospitals and doctor’s offices.
The autoclave allows us to steam and sterilize all mental implements in hermetically sealed sanitary bags so there is little room for human error cross contamination of any kind.

Pipe-less Pedicure spa & Plumbing System

At Legacy Nails & Spa, we spend a great part of our budget on the latest spa systems and technology to ensure our customer’s health and safety. Our plumbing system is pipeless (non-recirculating water system) as well as our draining system (floor sink). Be confident that the professionals at Legacy Nails & Spa follow every preventative procedure when it comes to your well-being.

Disposable Liners

Each customer gets a one time use pedicure liner to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and infectious disease. The liners help avoid skin irritations and allergies caused by harmful chemical used by professionals to sanitize pedicure tubs between clients.